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How to Use

The Framework for Measuring Impact has six key stages to help you to select, use, and report the most appropriate outcome measure for your services’ needs.  These stages are: Before You Start, Identification, Considering Options, Implementation Process, Reporting Outcomes, and Next Steps

To start simply click on the 'Start Here' option (you will see this in the menu that runs long the top of the page) or click on the Before You Start option in the left-hand menu box (or whichever stage best meets your needs).  We recommend that you work your way though each stage, starting from Stage 1 - Before You Start.  However, it may be that you have already visited the site or already know what you are looking for.  In this case you can go straight to the most appropriate page for your needs.

As you work your way through the website you may notice that the left hand menu options change - we have designed the website's menu options to change dynamically to present you with the most relevant options.

The menu options along the top of the web-page don't change, however, so you can always get back to where you started even when the left hand menu options have changed.

At any point f you feel that you need to go back to the beginning of the six-stage process simply click on the 'Start Here' option, or navigate back to the Home page.

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