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Measuring efficiency is tricky, but possible.  Accurate financial measurement of the cost of a service is beyond the scope of this Framework.  Quite simply, most therapists do not have access to sufficient information to make such calculations. Within the Framework we therefore provide some basic ideas of what can be measured, as proxies for demonstrating the overall efficiency of your service.  These recommendations are based on the literature and on interviews with key stakeholders in the area.

Efficiency: Why measure it?

  • The current economic climate means that resources are scarce and investment into services is limited.
  • It is not longer sufficient to show that you are delivering a valuable service, you must also now show that you are delivering that service in the most efficient way possible.
  • It will allow you to measure whether your service is value for money (but through using non-monetary measurement) and demonstrate this.
  • Measuring efficiency will allow you to make the best use of your staff and your budget.

Measuring Efficiency: What will it tell you?
By improving your services’ efficiency you will not only be able to demonstrate that you are a worthwhile service to invest in, but will also maximise staff time and other resources to focus on your patient’s needs in the best possible way.

To look at the efficiency measures recommended in the Framework (and move onto Stage 3click here.


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