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Stage 2 Identification

You are now at the second stage of the Framework – the Identification stage.  This stage will take you through the three domain branches of the Framework.  Use the left hand options to learn more about the three domain branches: person centered care, effectiveness, and efficiency; what they look at and why you would want to measure them.

When you have found a description of the type of measure that will suit your needs then simply click on the link to be carried through to the next stage (Considering Options) and you will be shown a selection of outcome measures that fall under that category. 

No matter which outcome measure you come to choose, it is important that you use the measure in its original form.  The assessment of validity is based on the form that the measures are currently in and any major alterations (even re-ordering the questions) can change the validity of the measure.  If you do change an aspect of it then you should include this alteration when you report your findings.


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