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Stage 3 Considering Options

You have reached the third stage of the Framework: Considering Options.  You should now know which domain you are interested in measuring (person centeredness, effectiveness, or efficiency).

Using the left hand menu select which domain of measurement you are interested in: person centered measures, effectiveness measures, or efficiency measures.  Effectiveness measures will split into its sub-domain branches for ease of use, and you will see that the left hand menu has changed for this option.  You can click either the top 'Back to Measures' option on the left hand menu to get back to the basic Stage 3 menu or use the back button on your browser.

After you have clicked on the domain option that is of interest/relevance to your needs you will then be shown a brief summary of each of the outcome measures that we have deemed suitable to recommend within the framework for that domain.

Read through the summary information and select the most appropriate measure for your needs by clicking on its name or on the 'USE THIS' link attached to it.  this will then take you to the Stage 4 (Implementation Process) guidance for this specific measure, giving you more detail on how to use it and how to interpret your findings.

You can also jump straight to Stage 4 using the bottom option on the left hand menu.

If you are still not sure which of the three domains you want to measure click here to go back to Stage 2 and re-read the information.


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