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Person Centred Measures

Name: CARE Measure
Date of publication: 2004
Cost: Free
URL: go to the CARE Measure 
Validated for use by: GPs, secondary care doctors, AHPs
Reliable: Yes
Can be used with children? See exclusion criteria
Can be completed by carer/guardian? See exclusion criteria
Can be used with cognitive impairment? See exclusion criteria
Can be used with communication difficulties? See exclusion criteria
Individual/group consultation: Individual
Exclusion criteria: At present the CARE measure has not been specifically assessed for use by individuals with cognitive impairment, communication difficulties or with children. The CARE measure was found not to be feasible for use by AHPs in in-patient settings.
Description of measure: A 10 item person-centred process measure based on a broad definition of empathy in the context of a therapeutic relationship during a consultation. Measures how empathetic the patient has perceived the clinician to be during their consultation. Patients complete the measure following their consultation. This should not take longer than a few minutes.


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