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Effectiveness Measures Explanation

You will notice that the left hand menu has changed.  It will now be showing the two sub-branches of the Effectiveness Measures domain.  These are patient experience and pateint outcomes measures. 

Simply click on whichever option best suits your needs, or to go back to the original menu with the three main outcome measure types click on the option 'Back to measures'.

Patient Experience
Patient experience measures provide information about a patient’s experience of their healthcare service.  It allows them to give their views on how they have been treated, whether they were able to access the service they needed and whether they were satisfied with their experience.  This is not necessarily looking at what treatment they received or whether that was successful, but instead focuses on how patients felt about the service that they received.  It is an important consideration as there is a link between patients' experiences of health care and how likely they are to adhere to treatments; and it will clearly identify areas where patients are not experiencing the best service, allowing you to implement targeted improvement.  If patients are not having a positive experience of their care and treatment, find out why and alter the service accordingly. 

Patient Outcome
Patient outcome measures are those that look at the effectiveness of treatments or the change in a patient’s quality of life as a result of these treatments.  The change can be physical, mental, emotional, or a subjective change felt by the patient.  For the purposes of this Framework  we currently divide patient outcome measures into Quality of Life (QoL) measures and Goal Setting measures.


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