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Stage 4 Implementation Process

You are at the fourth stage of the Framework: the Implementation Process.  All of the outcome measures that are recommended in the Framework are listed in the left hand menu.

This stage will provide guidance on how to use each of these measures.  Simply click on the measure that you would like to use to read its specific guidance.  The guidance information about each measure includes:

  • A description of what the measure is
  • A description of how to collect data/use the measure
  • Guidance (where possible) on how much data you need to collect
  • Scoring information for each measure
  • Information on how to interpret your findings
  • Measure-specific information about how to reprort your finings (where possible a template has been included
  • Links to the measure, where possible
  • Copyright information
  • Relevant links and reading about the measure

To get started on this implementation stage simply click on the measure that you would like to use (see left hand panel).  If you are not sure which is best for you, go back to Stage 3 to consider which option is most suited to your needs.


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