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Key Points

1) The way that you report your findings will depend on your audience – know your audience and tailor the report to them.

2) Keep it as brief as necessary.

3) Report only relevant information. Link these to your original aims – this will keep your report coherent and with a clear theme.

4) Collect and report your findings on a regular basis. Use your reporting strategy.

5) Report your findings widely – especially if you have had a really successful service improvement.

6) IMPORTANTLY, report the findings to all involved individuals. By keeping staff up to date with the information you will be keeping them involved. They will be able to learn from the findings and will be more likely to collect data and implement changes if kept ‘in the loop’.

Additional Reading: The Picker Institute’s ‘Using Patient Feedback’ Guidelines (2009) has an excellent section on engaging with the public and patients that can help you to disseminate your findings to a wider audience.

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